We are a company exploring all elements of lifestyle, taking a holistic approach to designing your life. In an age of social media, we all, to some extent, live a life of voyeurism. We spend so much of our time in envy as we marvel at the highlights reel of the people around us, and we feel dissatisfied, frustrated, and disappointed at the state of our own lives. So much of our day has become an online comparison and after pouring our energy into self-doubt and second-guessing, we are often left with very little motivation or inclination to act. Luminous is committed to connection: helping its clients feel heard and appreciated and, more importantly, encouraging them to live their best, most luminous lives.

The face behind the brand is professional singer Samantha. Samantha has been in the South African music industry for ten years, performing in hit shows in and around South Africa. She was, more recently, a contestant on The Voice SA Season 2 and she has performed in England, Ireland, and Whales, as well as at South African International Events in Russia. She released two singles with her renowned girl group MitzyGeorge, known for their sassy singing and three part harmonies.

Samantha has been a Contemporary Vocal Coach for eight years and has spent her time working with both amateur and professional singers, helping them to discover their sound, refine their technique, and increase their ability. But singing coaching has revealed more to her than just a vocalist’s need to perform. She has realised the need for individuals to find their voice and the importance of feeling heard.

Samantha’s classroom has become a safe place for her pupils where they can express not only their creativity, but their concerns, worries, fears, and doubts about their lives. It has become a haven and a release where young vocalists are guided on their journey to self-discovery, and more experienced pupils can have a place to unwind and relax for forty-five minutes, before getting sucked back into life’s hustle and bustle. She realised that “it wasn’t just the singing. It was the feeling that they could really express themselves in a safe, confidential environment”, that kept students coming back even after graduating from school.
The psychology behind the singing is the driving force behind the brand. Luminous uses the performing arts as only one of its vehicles to help clients reach their ultimate goals.

Luminous provides vocal training to performers of any age and experience level. We offer workshops and master classes to aspiring and professional vocalists focusing on foundational technique, range extension, vocal quality, performance, as well as vocal rehabilitation. Through these platforms, we give our singers the tools to guide them in self-expression: understanding their own emotions and expressing them both articulately and visually (as in the case of a performance). We give pupils practical steps to manage stress and anxiety as well as creating a safe space for pupils to openly discuss and work through various issues. Luminous is dedicated to creating a space that is safe and encouraging to its clients where they feel supported in discovering and overcoming their personal boundaries and limitations.
As a teenager, Samantha often felt uncertain and unsure of herself. She spent her high-school life feeling insecure about her appearance and she would compare herself to the tall, skinny, blonde girls in her grade that seemed to have everything she wanted. But her status as choir soloist gave her the confidence to believe in herself and her ability. She represented her school singing in a number of competitions and eisteddfods and this helped her to find her own voice.

“Singing saved my life. It became who I was and it made me feel worthy and deserving in an environment where I don’t think I would have fit in otherwise. It was my safe place, my release, my constant. I hope that Luminous can be the constant for others going through their own challenges and obstacles in their own lives. I want this to be the place where they too can discover their glow”.

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